Company of Iron Bundle Packs

After the official launch of Company of Iron Two Players pack, Privateer Press has now released the faction bundle packs for all 13 factions, including Minions and Mercs! All of these preconfigured 25-point COI lists include the Core Rules Bundle (The Company of Iron Core Rules, Advanced Rules, and Scenario Rules booklets, a 40 card Command Card deck, 6 basic Commander Upgrade cards) of Company of Iron but are all selling at different prices!

Company of Iron

Tabletop gamers might like this upcoming box set: Company of Iron from Privateer Press. It is a whole new skirmish War Game evolve from the famous 30mm miniature game: Warmachine and Hordes. Expected launching date is around end of Oct 2017. 

From Ice and Snow

Today we shall spend some time to look at a very interesting release from Privateer Press again. Perhaps this is not new to many of the PP fans, but i still like to share it here especially for those who are new to PP. 

Minion Efaarit Scout

While Primal Mk III was announced earlier, i have started to clear coloring all my unpainted models, which […]