The Jade Seal

In ancient China kingdoms, Jade Seal represent the emperor, it works like an official stamping chop nowadays. And every time whenever there is a rise of new empire in China, the first thing to search from the palace is always the Jade Seal. 

Last Man Standing

It is another Naverre‘s MOC, and this time it is called Forsaken Abyss Mine. Comparing the size of minifigs, we would say the MOC is pretty big.

Look at the details, the mine cart and the fire was being presented so perfectly in this cool MOC. As we would say, he is always good in putting the realistic details into a scene! And most importantly, his every shot is really entertaining and fun to look at. 

Hong Kong Stall

Perhaps you would say this project is simple, but i say the idea is interesting. This reminds me of “Woman Street” in Hong Kong, where those hawkers gather along the street selling more or less similar kind of things.

Line Town

This is actually an old MOC since 2013, but the creations are worth sharing here. I have yet to post any of his MOC yet but definitely i will add his URL into my list. 


Machine Robo is a classic Japanese anime television series 1986, not a really popular anime that i believe not many people heard of this Robo war cartoon before.