About Brickaboo

Welcome to Brickaboo.com – a Blog that shares all brilliant Lego Ideas from worldwide known and unknown designers. This site will be updated soonest possible in case there is a new creation being identified. I noticed there are a few webpages with similar name but this is a standalone site.

My name is XH Lee , A Malaysian part-time blogger sharing my hobby and findings from this dynamic medium. I have passion of searching all Lego designs and great creators. As a blogger myself, I will try to keep this site updated soonest possible. Writing articles is hard, but sharing is fun!

From Hobby to Blogger

Myself is a Lego collector but definitely not a Lego Designer, I admire those who can create their own Lego with incredible ideas, and I really love some of the masterpiece that they made from scratch. This is the reason Brickaboo.com was created, I want to share those awesome artwork to everyone I know.

Comments are welcome but no spiders ;-D.