Lego Store Calendar in North America

OK, first, the 18th series of Collectable Minifigures will be available on April 2018, then later we could expect an interesting set 41597 Go Brick Me within the same month.

Go Brick Me? Sounds suspicious isn’t it? In short, it simply asks you to build your own Brickheadz from a standard template. Looks interesting and fun if you are a fan of Brickheadz.  

Happy Khador Year 2018

Khador,usually come with a lot of high ARM units and Mini Warjack will become mightier in 2018!  The reason is that there are a lot of fierce Khador models are coming to Iron Kingdom! At the moment what we know are: 


Saw is an American horror francise by Lionsgate, featuring the main character “JigSaw”. 

PinBall Machine

Oh, it is not just a Lego Pinball machine, but it is a FULLY FUNCTIONAL Pinball machine, with Lord of the Rings theme! And the great part is the whole design covers the main story of LOTR!

Home Deco

Guess a lot of people are still headache with their new home renovation. And thus lately there are few Home Deco fair being held around here.