Minion Gatorman Solo Longchops

Here comes an interesting fellow in Horders Minion Faction: Longchops. In fact, this is not his first appearance from Privateer Press, as he was slotted in earlier RPG set in Unleashed Adventure Kit. The sculpt is having some minor different compare to Adventure Kit, as he was converted to an Australian look with a cowboy hat LOL. 

Livin’ in the Wild

Well, this is not the original title from Travis Brickle, but i think his theme is usually reflecting the “wild”. What could happen if you stay alone in the wild? Perhaps some of the builds here from Travis might tell the story, lol. I like the wild boar with red indian scene by the way.

Pyg Lookouts

Oh another adorable troll unit. The Pyg Lookouts unit is expected to see on shelves around Jan 2018. But i believe trooblood players/ fans are all waiting for this WEAK unit in their Northkin army. And this is one of the three Range unit in Northkin Theme army. 

Company of Iron Bundle Packs

After the official launch of Company of Iron Two Players pack, Privateer Press has now released the faction bundle packs for all 13 factions, including Minions and Mercs! All of these preconfigured 25-point COI lists include the Core Rules Bundle (The Company of Iron Core Rules, Advanced Rules, and Scenario Rules booklets, a 40 card Command Card deck, 6 basic Commander Upgrade cards) of Company of Iron but are all selling at different prices!

Company of Iron

Tabletop gamers might like this upcoming box set: Company of Iron from Privateer Press. It is a whole new skirmish War Game evolve from the famous 30mm miniature game: Warmachine and Hordes. Expected launching date is around end of Oct 2017. 

From Ice and Snow

Today we shall spend some time to look at a very interesting release from Privateer Press again. Perhaps this is not new to many of the PP fans, but i still like to share it here especially for those who are new to PP.