Happy Khador Year 2018

Khador,usually come with a lot of high ARM units and Mini Warjack will become mightier in 2018!  The reason is that there are a lot of fierce Khador models are coming to Iron Kingdom! At the moment what we know are: 


Saw is an American horror francise by Lionsgate, featuring the main character “JigSaw”. 

PinBall Machine

Oh, it is not just a Lego Pinball machine, but it is a FULLY FUNCTIONAL Pinball machine, with Lord of the Rings theme! And the great part is the whole design covers the main story of LOTR!

Home Deco

Guess a lot of people are still headache with their new home renovation. And thus lately there are few Home Deco fair being held around here. 


Well, i did a small google search for “Lepricon” after viewing timofey_tkachev’s cute old man MOC, and here comes the answer: 


Happy New Year!

The first post of the year will be a cool Patlabor from Dennis Qiu! LOL (Remark: i know this is not a new MOC for 2018)