Perhaps most of you (Board Game lovers) have already known the famous PC/ Console game: Fallout, is having a second board game launching this month (May 18). That players are allowed to build their own crew from a wide range of factions. After all, it sounds like a war game to me. 

Talk about Fallout, one of the famous scene in this cool game is The Rocket Station Settlement. It also appears in the Wasteland Warfare as part of the game scenery. And i was wondering if someone has actually bricked out this cool game.

And here i found Minh Pham, together with his  The Rocket Station Settlement. This MOC is actually not new but since 2016. Minh has made some of his own custom figures to fit the fallout theme.

Enjoy this while waiting for Wasteland Warface! LOL

fallout lego3 fallout lego2 fallout lego1


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