Blighted Ogrun Legion Theme Force Box

Orgun is a less popular race in Warmahordes, but they appear in several different faction of Warmachines and Horders, which in Mercenaries, Cryx, Cygnar, Legion and etc.

Lately we noticed Privateer Press has put much of their focus to allow these giant humanoids appear in the wargame. Earlier we have seen their appearance in Slaughter Fleet Theme force of Cryx, and now we see them again from Legion’s latest Army box: Blighted Orgun theme force; and Orgun is now the focus of the theme! 

Not many models from the Theme Force compare to other but still it is part of the standard 35 points (Combine this box with the Legion of Everblight battlegroup box to build a complete army) :

73018 Forsaken – Legion Solo (metal)
73038 Warmonger War Chief – Legion Blighted Ogrun Solo (resin/metal)
73069 Blighted Ogrun Warmongers – Legion Unit (5) (resin/metal)
73110 Blighted Rotwings – Legion Unit (10) (resin/metal)
73112 Gorag Rotteneye – Legion Character Solo (resin/metal)

Blighted Orgun2 Blighted Orgun1

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