The Legend of Anendra

Oh another nice story book MOC! This cool project was submitted to Lego Ideas and earning 756 supports up to date. 

There was an interesting story being shared by the maker, Kylinger, that quotes:

“This build started with me buying the female elf and was inspired to build her story. My great love of books and fantasy then coalesced into this idea. I used some Elves parts as key pieces, like the eye of the sea serpent and in the gold decorations in the book. I love colours but I also wanted the build to have harmony and balance between all the strong colours. I started building Lego in the spring of 2017 and built this in 7 weeks this spring. ”

Personally i think the Sea Serpents was built perfectly and it attracts my focus on this crystal blue creature! And checkout the first letter of the book, that character “E” was being build perfectly with a crossbow!

legend of anendra4 legend of anendra3 legend of anendra2 legend of anendra1

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