Shadespire: GARREK’S REAVERS of Khorne

OK. Today is about Shadespire again. I know it is too late to update this here, but due to the reason that i have just bought the core set, so today i would like to share the progress of my painting activities. 

It is not great, but eventually it could be great under some lighting when i took the photo LOL.

I have just completed the Garrek’s Reavers warband painting lately, and managed to take a few photos during the progress. (Note: this is super beginner’s painting but maybe it will look good if you stare at it longer).

Below is how the models look like when it is assembled directly from the sprue:

shadespire blood warrior1

No air-spray for primer, just a very fast painting. Perhaps you could use a little help from a pre-school kid for this stage.

shadespire blood warrior2


Started to paint the base color of fresh.
shadespire blood warrior3


Put some highlights on the wounds/ scars. Well, not obvious from this photo. shadespire blood warrior4


Blood warriors always like red color, so now paint their armor into red.
shadespire blood warrior5


Another dark grey primer on other parts, especially where i need to paint into Gold. Black color will reflect out the Gold color nicely.
shadespire blood warrior6

Paint the base and done. Leave the skull on the ground as unpainted part. LOL. And make sure you have perfectly lighting to take below picture.

shadespire blood warrior8

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