Shadespire – The Chosen Axes

Finally i got myself a set of basic core and another standalone warband – The Chosen Axes, which is the only dwarf faction available in the game for the time being. 

The warband consists of 4 named characters:

Fjul-Grimnir : who is also the leader of the warband. Holding a big long hammer and expect to crush the skull of his opponents!

Tefk Flamebearer: a twin axes holder. And he is also the most important right hand man of Fjul-Grimnir.

Mad Maegrim: another twin axe holder with battle franzy.

Vol Orrukbane: accordingly, he is the eldest among the whole warband.

Well, i have no idea on how well is this warband in the game, but apparently i like the sculpts of dwarves LOL. And finally i completed my painting on this first warband.

warbands the chosen axes

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