Cryx Slaughter Fleet Raiders Theme Force Box

While Merc’s fans are waiting for the Army Box since 2017, it is quite surprise to see a Second Army Box from Cryx was announced again earlier in 2018. 

If we check through all the tournament lists, Slaughter Fleet theme is very uncommon in 2017/ 2018. And most of the Cryx players would consider Ghost Fleet or Scourge of the Broken Coast if they want to go Pirates.

Let’s have a fast look on the whole new 2018 Army Box (expect to be released on Apr 2018), we would expect 1 of the 2 new Scharde units to included into the box: Scharde Dirge Seers. This special 3 models elite force is an anti-infantry unit as it can ignore the damage roll and direct deals 1 damage if the attacks hit.

Also, another interesting unit from Blighted Trollkin (originally released in Black Fleet CID 2017) was included in the army box. They are tough, comes with range AOE and melee attacks plus unyielding (+2 arm if melee combat).  This time, Privateers Press also introduced a CA for this unit, which is called Jussika Bloodtongue. And, it is worth mentioning that this CA is also working for Bloodgorgers.

And another weird model (solo) is also being listed here, Misery case, with the ability to capture souls with 8″ of it and stealth.

What else? There is also a Character Solo General Gerlak Slaughterborn and Black Orgun Ironmongers are in the Army Box.

slaughter fleet2 slaughter fleet1


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