Bears of Northkin

Ok, let’s discuss a little bit about Borka Vengeance of the rimeshaws or Borka2 or Bearka, whatever you call him. 

It is in fact a big miniature compare to other trollbloods models, and if you own a Northkin Bear Handler & Battle Bears, you will realize the mount of Bearka is much much bigger than the ordinary battle bear.

Perhaps we need no introduction on how good or how bad this warlock is in the Storm of the North list now, but after all, it really depends on one’s strategy to whack the opponents.  Well, what we are looking at today is Bears, but not trolls.

Why bears? After introducing the new Northkin, the chances of making a bear army is no longer a dream! LOL! Well maybe you might say who want a Bear army, just play your trolls! But don’t forget, there are still a lot of Bear lovers out there, who just want Bear army in their list.

Bearka, 2 X Bear Handler & Battle Bears, Brun Cragback & Lug and a Hearthgut Hooch Hauler, with total of 8 bears in the List! :D! How does it sound?




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