PinBall Machine

Oh, it is not just a Lego Pinball machine, but it is a FULLY FUNCTIONAL Pinball machine, with Lord of the Rings theme! And the great part is the whole design covers the main story of LOTR!

You will see the main scene of LOTR from this pinball machine, including Assemble the Fellowship, defeat the two towers, return the king, and unleash the Orc-horde-multiball from the Black Gate! Well, i am not sure how the points system being counted, but it is no longer important anymore, after seeing this amazing idea from the make!

This interesting creation was completed by Vladimir van Hoek, a Dutch maker, 2018.

I have a link to see the youtube of this project as below:


pin ball1 pin ball2 pin ball3 pin ball4 pin ball5 pin ball6 pin ball7 pin ball8 pin ball pin ball10 pin ball11

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