Minion Gatorman Solo Longchops

Here comes an interesting fellow in Horders Minion Faction: Longchops. In fact, this is not his first appearance from Privateer Press, as he was slotted in earlier RPG set in Unleashed Adventure Kit. The sculpt is having some minor different compare to Adventure Kit, as he was converted to an Australian look with a cowboy hat LOL. 

Overall, Longchops is an interesting character solo especially it was designed to counter-tough from those irritating factions with a lot of Tough models, eg: Trollbloods, Khador etc, RNG 12 + RAT 7 & POW 14 can kill a lot of small base models before they come near . Though DEF/ARM 12/16, 5HP is a little bit squishy. With price tag of 5 HP is in fact not expensive for all he has. And who doesn’t want a cool crocodile model in his army who can kill tough model?





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