Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider, aka Mask Rider was a Japanese superhero series since 1971, i bet a of us have watched the drama before. 

John Cheng, i believe is also a fan of Kamen Rider, sharing his latest MOC featuring the Kamen Rider 1 (本郷 猛) on his flickr. This cartoon version of MOC is able to pose differently.

I would say this is a great crossover like some of other builds, because Lego itself is a western product, whereby Kamen Rider is a Japanese Superhero. And when these 2 components being mixed together, it came out what John’s has made! Cool! 😀

Really hope John can complete all other Kamen Riders members and share here.

mask rider5 mask rider4 mask rider3 mask rider2 mask rider1

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