PinBall Machine

Oh, it is not just a Lego Pinball machine, but it is a FULLY FUNCTIONAL Pinball machine, with Lord of the Rings theme! And the great part is the whole design covers the main story of LOTR!

Home Deco

Guess a lot of people are still headache with their new home renovation. And thus lately there are few Home Deco fair being held around here. 

Minion Gatorman Solo Longchops

Here comes an interesting fellow in Horders Minion Faction: Longchops. In fact, this is not his first appearance from Privateer Press, as he was slotted in earlier RPG set in Unleashed Adventure Kit. The sculpt is having some minor different compare to Adventure Kit, as he was converted to an Australian look with a cowboy hat LOL. 


Well, i did a small google search for “Lepricon” after viewing timofey_tkachev’s cute old man MOC, and here comes the answer: 

Livin’ in the Wild

Well, this is not the original title from Travis Brickle, but i think his theme is usually reflecting the “wild”. What could happen if you stay alone in the wild? Perhaps some of the builds here from Travis might tell the story, lol. I like the wild boar with red indian scene by the way.


Happy New Year!

The first post of the year will be a cool Patlabor from Dennis Qiu! LOL (Remark: i know this is not a new MOC for 2018)