The Jacobite Risings: The Fight for Britain’s Throne

Perhaps we should call this ultra big build. Total of 5 MOC builders participate in this gigantic size MOC, taken around 1 Million bricks and 10 months to complete the whole project. 

And the whole build of this project took place 16 square meter in total area, and it is notable that the center mountain’s height is about 1 meter. LOL.

Lastly, the most important thing that we should mention is the builders of the project, they are known as “Brick of the Past”, which they have many other big projects that worth checking out.

million 1 million 2 million 3 million 4 million 5 million 6 million 7 million 8 million 9 million 10 million 11 million 12 million 13 million 14 million 15

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