Farrow Valkyries and Dire Troll Brawler

Oh ya, i bet today is a good day to introduce 2 new units from Warmachine & Hordes. (Remark: there are few more new units but today’s topic is only focusing on these 2). 

Farrow Valkyries, a trio shield guard unit, with cool farrow models holding melee weapon + shield. Generally, it is being commented by a lot of players that Thornfall Alliance is not competitive is most of list. So in fact minion units are widely used in other theme force. farrow valkyries

And for trollblood’s kriel company, there is almost no melee units except for the sons of braggs, and thus i would say Ferrow Valkyries might be a good option to protect the range warlock. However, the trio are not hard hitting unit.

Another interesting model that we have here is the latest dire troll: brawler. This time the miniature appearance looks slightly different from ordinary trollblood models, probably because of its big jaw. Brawler is the only heavy warbeast for Trollbloods that was released recently, comes with 2X  flails (chain weapon).

farrow valkyries Troll Brawler


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