Theramore Isle, the capital of the Dustwallow Marsh, was the Alliance’s only human stronghold in Kalimdor. And if you are WoW player, you should recognize this city. 

Mark of Falworth, obviously another WoW player, presented his Theramore Castle MOC with Bricks! This is so far one of the biggest WoW MOCs that we have discovered so far.

First glance on this MOC, i did not expect it was built with bricks, and i thought it was some kind of plastic modelling, cause it looks like it is not made of Lego. After all, the whole build is really stunning! Hope Mark will keep presenting his fantasy MOCs in the future!

theramore wow1 theramore wow2 theramore wow3 theramore wow4 theramore wow5 theramore wow6 theramore wow7 theramore wow8theramore



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