Orcs, Boarriders Clan

I am always a big fan of fantasy world, and i will always post those theme relates to this, probably this was related to World of Warcraft influences during the earlier days. 

Here i got another nice Lego Ideas from Ymarilego, a MOC relates to Orc: Boarriders Clan.

The whole MOC consists of several nice mini-builds: defense walls, storage sted, supply wagon, watch tower and animal pen. Anyway, at the first glance, i thought i saw an Orc Watch Tower from WoW.

Also i realize there are a few more nice MOC from Ymarilego, that probably i will post again soonest possible.

orc encampment1 orc encampment2 orc encampment3 orc encampment4 orc encampment5 orc encampment6

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