Paddington Bear

Oh well, this is a story of a bear who was looking for a new home in London with his new blue coat and adorable red hat. This includes some new techniques that we hardly see, example the handle of the suitcase. LOL.

Alice in Wonderland

Red from England shares his new Alice in Wonderland MOC in his flickr. This version of Alice in Wonderland is actually looks very different from other builders’, perhaps due to his quirky character look. 

Winter Is Hoth

Perhaps this is not a complete MOC, but the scenery build is really fantastic. Base on the size of actual Millennium Falcon, we could imagine the size of the whole structure. Of course, the base making requires a lot of MOC techniques but the main focus is still the AT-AT and the falcon. 

Age of Fantasy

In fact, the builder named all these MOC as medieval tower, medieval cottage and medieval blacksmith shop respectively. I believe if you are a fantasy lover, you will want to keep all these onto your shelf at home. 


Theramore Isle, the capital of the Dustwallow Marsh, was the Alliance’s only human stronghold in Kalimdor. And if you are WoW player, you should recognize this city. 

Lizardmen’s Lair

After a few Orc’s MOC, i found another interesting build from Ymarilego, which is featuring the lair of Lizardmen. Lizardmen is another fantasy race and perhaps more popular in Warhammer, as i couldn’t recall if there is any Lizardmen in WoW last time.

Radagasts House

Remember Radagasts the Brown wizard from Middle Earth? It’s first appearance was in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Legonardo Davidy presented this unique structure with about 25,000 pieces of bricks and a footprint of 77 cm2. 

Company of Iron Bundle Packs

After the official launch of Company of Iron Two Players pack, Privateer Press has now released the faction bundle packs for all 13 factions, including Minions and Mercs! All of these preconfigured 25-point COI lists include the Core Rules Bundle (The Company of Iron Core Rules, Advanced Rules, and Scenario Rules booklets, a 40 card Command Card deck, 6 basic Commander Upgrade cards) of Company of Iron but are all selling at different prices!