Pixel Fox’s Photo Album

I called it Photo Album because all the MOCs were made for photo shooting purpose, at least to me. 

Pixel Fox‘s ideas are pretty straight forward, that he needs a MOC tray for the whole scene, with some normal material from back yard: rocks, sand, grass (probably from model shop) etc. Lastly he needs one or two MOC vehicles with a few minis to complete the whole build.

Sounds easy? But the concept has made the whole scene more alive! And don’t forget, the effort of making the vehicle MOC is still not really simple to fit in for every scene.

Anyhow, my personal comment to this series of MOC is simple, but very nice!

fox1 fox2 fox3 fox4 fox5 fox6 fox7 fox8 fox9 fox10 fox11 fox12 fox13 fox14 fox15 fox16 fox17 fox18 fox19 fox20 fox21 fox22

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