Company of Iron

Tabletop gamers might like this upcoming box set: Company of Iron from Privateer Press. It is a whole new skirmish War Game evolve from the famous 30mm miniature game: Warmachine and Hordes. Expected launching date is around end of Oct 2017. 

From Ice and Snow

Today we shall spend some time to look at a very interesting release from Privateer Press again. Perhaps this is not new to many of the PP fans, but i still like to share it here especially for those who are new to PP. 

40178 VIP Set

It was reported that in Europe and North America markets are offering a special set for those who purchases more than USD125 or EURO125. This time the free set is not really a small and simple sets like those in a small polybag… but it is packed in a bigger polybag lol (Again!). 


Probably some of you might have known there is a Bricktober event in Toys R Us Malaysia, an exclusive set of minifigures will be given away with above RM199 purchase weekly. And there are total of 4 different sets to be released in October 2017!