Beware of Sky Pirates!

Cool idea from Utanapishtim for this unique theme: steampunk + pirates! Probably the size of the whole build is pretty big by comparing the size of the minifigures to the whole ship, but i think a mini size remake will bring this MOC to 10,000 supports in Lego Ideas. Also, i am really curious on total bricks being used for this giant project? 

Original comment from the maker:

“The Lady McZep is the ship of the dreaded skypirates. Led by their dountless captain these pirates travel the atmosphere and plunder everything on their path. High in the stratosphere they seek fortune, fame and glory. Any unlucky airship that meets them will meet an unfortunate end.”

sky pirate1 sky pirate3 sky pirate2 sky pirate5 sky pirate4 sky pirate6

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