Nintendo Switch

Talking about Zelda Breath of the Wild from my previous post, it makes me think about the Nintendo Switch again. 

I got a chance to visit Japan again last week (9 Sept 17~ 16 Sept 17), so i planned to get a Nintendo Switch over there (price is much cheaper compare to everywhere). From Tokyo to Hamamatsu, From Hamamatsu to Osaka, every Bic Camera, Yodobashi Camera etc has zero stock for normal purchase!

Well, “normal purchase” simply means walk in to purchase the item. In fact, there are stocks available via lucky draw. Members of the shop could get a number from the counter, and waiting for the draw result. If the number you get match the result, then you are entitle to buy 1 unit.

So the conclusion is you better get your Nintendo Switch from other countries than Japan, of course with a little bit higher price.

switch1 switch2




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