Beware of Sky Pirates!

Cool idea from Utanapishtim for this unique theme: steampunk + pirates! Probably the size of the whole build is pretty big by comparing the size of the minifigures to the whole ship, but i think a mini size remake will bring this MOC to 10,000 supports in Lego Ideas. Also, i am really curious on total bricks being used for this giant project? 

Submerged Ruin

Using a glass as water for the MOC is pretty unique from Joseph Z, the glass effect is definitely much better than any blue bricks that we used to see. According to the maker, this MOC was inspired by the flooded ruins scattered across the Zelda Breath of the Wild map. 

Peloponnesian War

OK i am not familiar with the war: Peloponnesian War. But this complete MOC from Mpyromaxos was amazing. Check out the details of the landscaping and  the architecture, it makes the war looks real from his creation, especially when the maker added Greek structures + Minifigures to the war scene.

Halloween 2017

Halloween in 2017 falls on 31 Oct 2017, and as usual we could find another unique seasonal set on shelves for sales soon.

40260 Halloween Haunt contains 145 pieces in box, but with the price of USD9.99, is definitely a great value for money. The set contains two mini builds including a cauldron, a mouse and a pumpkin on ground. And the main build is actually a gate covering a stove or a mini manor. 

Game of Thrones

While Game of Thrones Season 7 is still showing in HBO, China bricks has launched a series of characters for this fantasy drama. At the moment, there are 12 characters could be found from the website.