ESO Wayshrine

Ok good news and bad news for myself. I finally quit World of Warcraft, so i would just call this good news, which i no longer need to make the monthly subscription. But the bad news is my new character is now in ESO lol. 

Elder Scroll Online is actually using a totally different concept of gameplay compare to WoW, even both are categorized as fantasy MMORPG. So i have to reboot my brain to forget WoW play style.

Instead of the Griffon mount for traveling, ESO comes with a unique structure called Wayshrine, which the player could teleport to a specific location immediately without taking any flying mount.

And i found a MOC of this cool structure here today.

Unfortunately i could not identify the name of the maker, but have a look on this amazing MOC and try to figure out the fun in ESO if you are not inside there yet lol.

ESO wayshrine ESO wayshrine2

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