ESO Wayshrine

Ok good news and bad news for myself. I finally quit World of Warcraft, so i would just call this good news, which i no longer need to make the monthly subscription. But the bad news is my new character is now in ESO lol. 

Beef Noodle

Looking for delicious beef noodle? Well perhaps you should go to vietnamese restaurant for one. But perhaps Beef Noodle sellers should find Ming Jin for his MOC, so that they could display this in front of their shop. 

Ship in A Bottle

Congrats to Jakesadovich for hitting 10,000 milestones under 2 months on his Ship in a Bottle MOC in Lego Ideas. Nothing much for me to say because everyone knows that this is a very cool set! But still i have a little comment to this set: fun-looking, brilliant and artful!