“For Khaz Modan”

LOL The title is nothing to do with the MOC. Anyway, when i see a dwarf, reminds me of World of Warcraft Dwarf race, and the unforgetable battle cry: “For Khas Modan”! By the way, i used to be a Dwarf player in older time. 

Mr Fredricksen House

Who is Mr Fredricksen? Well i couldn’t recall this name until i Google it. LOL. Well for those who is not familiar with this name, he is a fictional character from Disney/ Pixel 2009 feature film “UP”.

Disney Castle

There was a saying that buying 71040 Disney Castle is more satisfying than bringing your kids to Disney Land, because this special set contains a full view of the whole Disney castle. 

Hei Hei

If you have watched Moana (2016 animation movie from Disney), you should have known there is 1 supporting character called HeiHei, which is a rooster that unintentionally joins Moana and Maui on their journey across the ocean. 

Defending the Base!

This is definitely one of the coolest Star Wars MOC scene so far. Maciej Szymański presents his gigantic Star Wars set featuring several interesting components including AT-AT, AT-ST and a Lambda-class T-4A shuttle guarding the base. Even the trees and the base was completed in perfect scale. 

Warcraft Orc Encampment

The most remarkable thing in World of Warcraft to me is not Stormwind stronghold, but the orc tower (don’t ask me why). Orc tower is not special, but it is always my main target in Alterac Valley battle ground. The player needs to control the tower for few minutes in order to burn it there. 

Master Chef

We could actually see more and more MOC themes are made from the reality show from TV. Big Bang was a good example in Lego Ideas.

And here comes MasterChef MOC by Kevinszeto.  


Just discovered a cool MOC maker lately and his name is djokson. And there are many nice builds from his flickr but we have selected 10 of the so-called monsters theme from there, including a green witch.