Vincent van Gogh

This MOC is from a fan of Dutch Painter Vincent van Gogh, who completed his cute MOC lately. Actually i found this nice creation from Lego Ideas while Melniemuki, the builder submitted up yesterday. 

Ninjago Movie

The new upcoming Lego movie featuring the Ninjago sets is about to come on screen on 22 Sept 2017. Warner Bros Pictures also release a whole new cool Ninjago poster below: “Find the ninja within ya”. Check it out if you could recognize any of them to determine if you are a real ninjago fan. 


I saw below comments from Moko’s flickr and i laughed: “And the award for “MOC least likely to become an official set” goes to…“.. 

100 Years Heritage Shop in Malaysia

Builder Vincentkiew presents the street of Jalan Petaling (Petaling Street) in Malaysia base on an old photo! Perhaps many of you might not know (if you are not from Malaysia), Petaling Street is a China Town located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The buildings are now being classified as Heritage and being preserved + maintained for future generations. 

Pirate Ships

Lately i just watched Pirates of the Caribbean and i think the scene i like the most is always the ships. There are many great ships in this latest episode including Black Pearl, Dying Gull and Silent Mary. And usually after a nice movie, some MOC makers will start to build things they like from the movie. 


Ha! Just a coincident that last week one of the channels was showing E.T., and now i found an E.T. MOC unintentionally (I swear LOL).