Bronn Street

The MOC today is actually featuring a place called Bronn Street by Adnorrel. Well i tried to google the area but i have no luck on it. But to me, it looks like Penang’s Beach Street (photo below).

bronn street21

The incredible builds contains 2 different large building at both side of the street: A hotel and a residential building. 

The attracting part of the build is the interior of both buildings, which the furniture of floor are so complete and the details are so nice.


bronn street1 bronn street2 bronn street3 bronn street4 bronn street5 bronn street6 bronn street7 bronn street8 bronn street9 bronn street10 bronn street11 bronn street12 bronn street13 bronn street14 bronn street15 bronn street16 bronn street17 bronn street18 bronn street19 bronn street20


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