The Return of Brick Surgeon

Ever heard of Brick Surgeon? In fact, in Brickaboo we never posted any of his MOC before and also he stopped the MOC creation for quite some time ago. 

And today, he is back with his new Life of Wheels project. Check out all the photos here for this special MOC.

But, what we are sharing here today is all other great MOC of Brick Surgeon:

brick surgeon1 brick surgeon2 brick surgeon3 brick surgeon4 brick surgeon5 brick surgeon6 brick surgeon7 brick surgeon8 brick surgeon9 brick surgeon10 brick surgeon11 brick surgeon12 brick surgeon13 brick surgeon14 brick surgeon15 brick surgeon16 brick surgeon17 brick surgeon18 brick surgeon19 brick surgeon20 brick surgeon21 brick surgeon22 brick surgeon23 brick surgeon24 brick surgeon25 brick surgeon26


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