Lego Dinosaur Fossils

Probably if you go to Daiso, you will find variety of wooden dinosaur fossil in the toy section, i think i still saw it yesterday (27/4/17). Well, i emphasis Daiso because this type of wooden fossil products is still carrying their selling points even to adults. 

Mooneyes HQ

A cool pit shop from Norton74, featuring Mooneyes company in Califonia USA. He even spelled out the history of the company in his flickr. 

Space Pirate Captain Harlock

Space Pirate Captain Harlock was an old Japanese anime since 1978. Perhaps not many people could still remember this famous cartoon And today Bricksam brought his Lego version of MOC back. There is no difference comparing the MOC main character Captain Harlock to the manga, he is still having his brown hair + black coat (except that this is a Lego minifigure appearance), together with his famous skull logo hanging on this ship, Arcadia. 

A New Hope

A perfect illustration from vir-a-cocha about an optimism handicapped old man who is playing a little music with his accordion in a park, for everyone’s enjoyment.