Last Man Standing

It is another Naverre‘s MOC, and this time it is called Forsaken Abyss Mine. Comparing the size of minifigs, we would say the MOC is pretty big.

Look at the details, the mine cart and the fire was being presented so perfectly in this cool MOC. As we would say, he is always good in putting the realistic details into a scene! And most importantly, his every shot is really entertaining and fun to look at. 

And as usual, Navarre will usually let his creation tells the story.

Quoted from the creator:

“My MOC for the final round of The Tourney:

The Category is Last Man Standing, wherein the final competitors are tasked with bringing the most epic one on one duel to the death. Imagine some fantastic music please.

My opponent is Jaapxaap.

As for the creation, I’m pretty happy with it. I tried to make the most epic thing possible, like maybe a burning mine (inspired by, you guessed it, a movie I haven’t watched, namely Mask Of Zorro), but, I don’t know… I’ll probably lose. So my congratulations to Jaapxaap in advance. A couple notes are that in every Tourney entry I included a palm tree, (this one inspired by theBrickAvenger), which do you like best? Also that, per request in the category, I do have some FP here. If you look for it in the entrance to the mine you’ll see a micro cart and a thinning of the railroad, as well as a small exit into the open air again. Meanwhile, I hope you all like my MOC! I have some pretty awesome realistic photos to upload on MOCpages in a short while.”

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