Hong Kong Stall

Perhaps you would say this project is simple, but i say the idea is interesting. This reminds me of “Woman Street” in Hong Kong, where those hawkers gather along the street selling more or less similar kind of things.

The maker is called smeartoneso, and is now competing in Lego Ideas. Let’s vote him a Like there!

Quoted message from original maker:

“Hong Kong street food represent a parts of Hong Kong’s food culture.

In the 1950s, because of the bad economy, many people became street food hawkers to maintain their liveihood. They sold the snacks on wooden carts in the street. The street food was cheap in price and with many variations, it become popular. 

Hong Kong street food is famous to the travelers, including fishballs, egg waffle and stinky tofu. They can be found throughout the city, especially around Mong Kok.

In this project, i have to show the environment of 1980s Mong Kok Street, many street food hawkers near the cinema at night, including egg waffle, fishballs, fire chestnuts, stinky tofu, braised snacks, imitation shark fin soup and ice cream. Even though nowadays the hawkers have transformed into shops without providing seats, but the sales are still being done along the street.”

HK Stall1 HK Stall2 HK Stall3 HK Stall4 HK Stall5 HK Stall6 HK Stall7 HK Stall8 HK Stall9 HK Stall10 HK Stall11

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