Arcadia Quest and Super Dungeon Explore

Lately i noticed 2 interesting board games from other sites that i think both are worth buying. In fact, i am waiting for the release of latest release from Arcadia Quest. 

Yes, Arcadia Quest is not a new game but the latest expansion Inferno is coming soon later this month. This minimum 2 players game is actually featuring a 3 characters guild to compete (or fight) against the other guild. Through winning and surviving the scenarios and upgrading the characters again. Basically it is a PVE + PVP kind of board game.

And the other board game that i am mentioning here is known as Super Dungeon Explore (SDE) Version 2 Forgotten King. In fact, both Arcadia Quest and SDE are not comparable because both are having totally different kind game play system. SDE is more to dungeon crawling kind of game.

However, outside there are still many people are comparing both sets of games just because of 1 reason – the cute Chibi characters!  And this is also the reason that i was attracted! LOL

By the way, add-on is possible for both games, that some expansions or additional characters could be added into gameplay via purchase, and this will make the game even more interesting.

SDE Forgotten King:

dillema1 dillema2 dillema3 dillema4


Arcadia Quest:

dillema5 dillema6 dillema7 dillema8

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