“Onager” the aircraft launcher

It is another interesting project from Beau Donnan. This is another unique build featuring a light aircraft launcher which is known as “Onager”. 

The concept is great and it is matched with Beau’s standard colors: tan and grey.  There are 2 main parts to complete the whole MOC, which are the launcher itself and the light aircraft. And this time Beau has inserted the MOC with a lot of playing features:

  • Steering in four frontal wheels
  • Pistons pump and levers rock when rear wheel turns
  • Pulley arms pivot when front bars spun
  • Loading winch operates when rear bars spun
  • Hinged rear rails
  • Rear wheel shock absorbers
  • Pivoting embarkation ladders
  • Hinged crankshaft access hatches
  • Rubber bands launch cart and aircraft

launcher1 launcher2 launcher3 launcher4 launcher5 launcher6 launcher7 launcher8 launcher9



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