2017 Warmachine Mercenary

After the Lego Christmas Sales and 2017 sets, it is about the time to come back and have a look on what Privateer Press has released.

In fact, we should expect something from Privateer Press in 2017, including my favorite Mercenary army. Well, i could see there are a few interesting units going on shelves very soon.

So far the new releases that are available in the market is Colbie Stering, one of the famous characters from Black River Irregulars. As expected, she was released as a Solo unit.Thorn2

The other upcoming Mercenary models are Thorn Gun Mages, a remarkable glass canon unit of 3 models. It does not matter on how weak the defense is, but i really like the sculpture of this special unit!Thorn1

Another upcoming models is a trio warcaster: Caine’s Hellsingers. At first i was mistakenly oversight that the unit is actually the same as Thorn Gun mages LOL (why Privateer Press keeping releasing trio units for Mercenary?) Another cool sculpture for this unit as well.   Thorn3



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