Gotham City without Batman —- Today

After the release of Lego Batman Movie Minifigures series, there are more and more MOC were built based on the theme. 

And today we would like to share with you another great Lego Batman Movie MOC from Vincent’s Lego Creation.

There are 2 parts from this unique build: top was designed as the surface of Gotham City whereby the bottom part as bat cave. I really like how the yellow batman symbol in the sky was created here (from the surface part)!

And the bottom part is kind of cute because Vincent has included all sorts of Minifigures from Lego Batman Minifigures series!

without DK13 without DK12 without DK11 without DK10 without DK9 without DK8 without DK7 without DK6 without DK5 without DK4 without DK3 without DK2 without DK1


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