Rooster Year 2017

Gong Xi Fa Chai! I suppose to post this 3 days ago but lack of time to do the blogging. LOL.

Quoted from the maker of this special MOC: CK Ho, he says that it is a common sense to build Rooster MOC for Rooster Year (as a Chinese), and that’s why how this special MOC appears here today.

Well, if we look at the whole build, the black color chicken reminds me of Nando’s chicken logo! LOL

Anyway, i wish everyone who celebrate Chinese New Year 财源广进, 岁岁平安!

rooster1 rooster2 rooster3 rooster4 rooster5 rooster6 rooster7 rooster8 rooster9

And below is Nando’s chicken logo, looks similar isn’t it? 😀


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