En Egliam

Lately Marco den Besten completed 2 awesome projects: En Egliam & Alguroran. Well, i am not quite sure of where the names of the 2 MOC from, but i am pretty sure both are castles LOL. 

I tried to google and found the meaning of En Egliam, which is a place on the Dead Sea. But i have no clear information on Alguroran.

It doesn’t matter about the name, but i believe the Castle fans will like both builds from Marco!

Especially the ALguroran, it makes people feels the force of darkness is about the awake. Cool!

En Egliam1 En Egliam2 En Egliam3 En Egliam4 En Egliam5 En Egliam6 En Egliam7 En Egliam8 En Egliam10 En Egliam11 En Egliam12 En Egliam13

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