Sega Classic Arcade Machine

It is getting harder to find all those Arcade machines nowadays, especially after the first generation of Sony Playstation being released. 

Spacysmoke has done his 3 Sega Classic Arcade machine MOC for Lego ideas, and gained about 8000+ supports after about 1 and the half year. The MOC looks simple, but we still can notice that Spacysmoke has put in a lot of effort in making the stickers for the builds.

Personally i would think the builds are awesome, but not classic enough. LOL

There is only 71 days left in order to let Spacysmoke gain his 10,000 supports!

If you like it, hurry up and support him heresega1 sega2 sega3 sega4 sega5 sega6 sega7 sega8 sega9 sega10 sega11


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