Goblins and Elf

Who is the badass during the early game in fantasy MMORPG? I guess Goblins are usually can be seen during the beginning stage, always with bow & arrow or simple melee weapons and normally in low level and low HP. Anyway, i used to own a Goblin hero in WOW lol. 

Goblin is green color? Well, it is not defined in Jade Wisniewski’s dictionary today.

I found there are a lot of new interesting fantasy creatures in Jade’s flickr, including a couples of Goblin builds (that i like the most) and trolls etc. The size of those MOC does not look big and i suppose it is about the same as those Mixels sets. Really hope if Jade could share his building instructions LOL.


goblin1 goblin2 goblin3 goblin4 goblin5 goblin6 goblin7 goblin8


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