Chibi Collection

The word “Chibi” (小人 or ちび or チビ) simply means “Short Person” or “Small Person” in Japanese slang. Usually it refers to Anime or Manga character in smaller and shorter appearance. 

Lego is an European toy company, but Chibi characters are usually from Japanese anime or manga.  And Mike Dung is using Lego to make his version of Chibi figures, which i think it is kind of cool. Check out if you could identify and name any manga or anime characters?

I particularly like the [艦これ] 連合艦隊 第四警戒航行 version of Chibi from Mike, and thus i tried to search and share the similar photo of the original art to compare with Mike’s creation.

Anyway, i also found my favorite Lich King has also become a cute Lego Chibi in Mike’s collection! LOL.

chibi1 chibi2 chibi3 chibi4 chibi5 chibi6 chibi7 chibi8 chibi9 chibi10chibi21 chibi11 chibi12 chibi13 chibi14 chibi15 chibi16 chibi17 chibi18 chibi19 chibi20



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