It is kind of weird to see this mini build from Lego7’s flickr. If anyone is not familiar with the name, i would say he made a lot of Great mega builds! 

De-Marco’s Modular Set

It is not about the decoration and minifigures on the set(s), but to me the modular is more meaningful. And perhaps, de-marco is also not the first one who created this modular town shape. Somehow, this concept again and again trigger me to comment that this idea is really cool!

Goblins and Elf

Who is the badass during the early game in fantasy MMORPG? I guess Goblins are usually can be seen during the beginning stage, always with bow & arrow or simple melee weapons and normally in low level and low HP. Anyway, i used to own a Goblin hero in WOW lol. 

Chibi Collection

The word “Chibi” (小人 or ちび or チビ) simply means “Short Person” or “Small Person” in Japanese slang. Usually it refers to Anime or Manga character in smaller and shorter appearance. 

Soft Drink

Oh No! My favorite drink is now in Lego form!

Respect to Nobu Tary for this awesome build, soft drink in can and bottle form was being completed with Lego! Except for the logo part (i think it is kind of hard to do), i think  it is almost perfect for this MOC. Well, he can always use sticker to replace the logo if he wants.