The Retro-Space-City

Raoul Baldwin, another mega MOC builder, has shared his Space City project on his flickr here in Nov 2016. If you focus on the original picture uploaded by Raoul, perhaps you could identify a lot of dirty and old bricks were being used, and it was emphasized by himself that it was the main decoration for him to present the old school and realistic view!

Check out some of the photos (sorry there are too many pics were being shared by Raoul) and understand what is the so-called Mega MOC!

After all, the project is really cool and amazing!

spacecity1 spacecity2 spacecity3 spacecity4 spacecity5 spacecity6 spacecity7 spacecity8 spacecity9 spacecity10 spacecity11 spacecity12 spacecity13 spacecity14

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