Lego Minifigures – The Lego Batman Movie

Wow, it’s another big announcement from Lego! Today we received the latest information from Lego site that the upcoming minifigures will be The Lego Batman Movie series, which we expect to see on shelves on 1 January 2017! (North America)

This time, the series contain 20 Collectable Minifigures, including all major Lego Batman Movie characters!

We could see a lot of cool characters like King Tut, Orca, Mime etc from this latest minifigures series!lego-batman1 lego-batman2 lego-batman3 lego-batman4 lego-batman5 lego-batman6 lego-batman7 lego-batman8 lego-batman9 lego-batman10 lego-batman10-jpg18 lego-batman11 lego-batman12 lego-batman13 lego-batman14 lego-batman15 lego-batman16 lego-batman17 lego-batman19 lego-batman20 lego-batman21


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