The Retro-Space-City

Raoul Baldwin, another mega MOC builder, has shared his Space City project on his flickr here in Nov 2016. If you focus on the original picture uploaded by Raoul, perhaps you could identify a lot of dirty and old bricks were being used, and it was emphasized by himself that it was the main decoration for him to present the old school and realistic view!

Age of Empires II

Age of Empire II, do you still remember this game? It is 1 of the earliest real time strategy game on PC in late 90s, and probably some of you might still playing the game at the moment!

Tiki Fruit Hut

Miro Dudas presented his updated version of Tiki fruit hut in his flickr earlier in July 2016. I did not notice his little cute MOC until today, but it is still worth blogging this cool MOC.