A cool Fiat 500F Lego model was submitted to Lego Ideas with great response! Yet this is another cool car model with very complete features that makes it more interesting. 

The creator, saabfan mentioned in his site that the creation consists of total of 1157 pieces, which i think it is workable for Lego to make this set available in the market!

Check out the major features of this awesome MOC here:

  • detailed exterior with custom prints such as the fiat logo and several prints on the back end
  • openable hood, trunk and doors
  • sun-roof (closed and opened)
  • removable luggage-rack on the back end
  • suitcase with a bottle and a glass inside
  • detailed trunk with spare wheel, fuel tank, car jack and a toolbox
  • engine compartment with a detailed 500cc straight twin engine
  • detailed interior with movable seats, pedals, handbrake as well as custom prints for the dashboard and the speedometer

So, what are you waiting for? Please vote at Lego ideas!

fiat1 fiat2 fiat3 fiat4 fiat5 fiat6 fiat7 fiat8 fiat9 fiat10 fiat11


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